It all started by Hege (our commercial director) asking for stripes. I was kind of “we-are-not-a-stripe-company” to begin with (got to admit), however the idea was a little bit challenging and fun.

And then this little journey started
Perhaps you know already, perhaps you don’t, we have our resource principles which we apply to all our designs. Not for the sake of rules, but for the sake of our planet, we believe that there is too much crap out there, we only want to bring good and necessary products to life. On top of this we have our company DNA and the rest of our product collection to match. So, decisions had to be made!

First decision to be made
Fabric. If it was a plain weave, then we would have fine lines and an easy base to work with. However, our existing kitchen towels are made from herringbone weave and these won tests for absorbency and design. So, if we chose another fabric, we wouldn’t have the best in test fabric and product. Herringbone it was, although herringbone weave is not really suited for stripes, as the structure is V shaped. We had to take this into consideration during the pattern making phase.

Then, what expression to go for?
I admire Paul Smith and his recognisable stripes. I like the unpredictable, minimalism and balance. Paul Smith has an unpredictable approach, we have the minimalist expression and I always work with balance. So those 3 elements became the foundation for the inspiration.

Work in progress

Constructing the design
Selecting colours, making stripes, finding the themes.

The first trial was using a stone coloured background and stripes of various widths. This was done in order to adjust the stripes to match the herringbone weave and to see if the stone coloured base worked. The stripes worked out, but the stone didn’t.

But after that the themes came naturally, as parallel design projects were going on, where themes like FLORAL, OCEAN and EARTH were in the making. The rest was fun. And here we go! Now the checkered Kitchen Towels are a part of our organic collection.

      First sample of the checkered kitchen towel