Certified B Corp™️

We’re now a Certified B Corporation!

We are proud to share this news with you. We have been through a long and detailed process to be a Certified B Corp. The B stands for 'Benefit for all'. The B Corp Certification is holistic, not exclusively focused on a single social or environmental issue. And the process to achieve and maintain the certification is profound.

In combination with our GOTS certification it’s a complete and holistic set of certifications that shows our high level of responsibility throughout the value chain as well as our focus on social responsibility and transparency. 

 What is a B Corp? 

Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of transparency, responsibility and performance* – with the aim of generating value for the business as well as the society and environment. To balance profit and purpose. 

What does it mean to you?

Our certification is your validation that we do what we say and that we are committed to bringing positive change.

 If you like facts and numbers you can see our impact report here  


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