BIODIVERSITY - facts and info

Biodiversity is a subject that perhaps not many people know about. Let me briefly summarise what biodiversity means. Biodiversity is usually described as the "variety of life, in all forms, on Earth". It includes the number of species, their genetic variation, and the interaction of these life forms within complex ecosystems. Each of these species and organisms work together in ecosystems, like an intricate web, to maintain balance and support life.

We at The Organic Company care about biodiversity and are always searching for solutions. Joy, the founder of The Organic Company would like to share her views on biodiversity and how we should move forward. I Bidi, am an intern at The Organic Company and I have asked Joy a couple of questions. I hope you will enjoy reading the interview.

Why is biodiversity the next big thing?

We as humans need to reorganise the way we live in this world. Looking at how we live and realise that our biodiversity is having a crisis. We see diversity declining in animals and nature. We as humans can stop this almost immediately. We have the key and we have the power. After all, we depend on biodiversity. So we have to change it now.

 How can we minimize our biodiversity footprint?

  1. We can improve the way we live in the cities. We can have wildflowers and nature brought back into the city. Invite nature into the city and co-exist.
  2. We should farm organically. By farming organically we mean not using pesticides*. Pesticides kill the insects, the weeds and fungi which we really need in our life.
  3. We can support organisations, companies and politicians who focuses on being nature friendly

*Pesticides are chemical compounds that have been invented to maximise a field’s output by killing pests, including insects, rodents, fungi and unwanted plants (weeds). Over 1000 different pesticides are used around the world. Residues from pesticides are found in drinking water, vegetables and in humans. 

What is the connection between The Organic Company and biodiversity?

We don't use pesticides at all when producing our products. We believe in organic farming as a minimum for better biodiversity and therefore we help and support organic farmers. 

The Organic Company's vision

In Denmark, we have a 30% wildlife goal. Today Denmark is around 13-14% and more wildlife means better biodiversity so for us it makes sense to support organisations working for more wildlife.


If you want to know more about biodiversity: Documentaries to watch: Kiss the ground,