Celebrating 15 years

All our products are produced in 100% GOTS certified organic cotton - the certification ensures proper conduct from field to brand holder and includes ecological and social criteria 🌏
The passion that started The Organic Company back in 2007 was an interest in creating high quality organic cotton designs, for the consumer and for our soils.
Gretha Thunberg fights for the climate, Plastic Change fights for less plastic in the world’s oceans and The Organic Company fights for less and better consumption and that all agriculture must be organic or even regenerative.
We are celebrating this fantastic mile stone with an open reception at A. Petersen 29th of September - come by and see the reveal of our Installation 'Repair the Future' which is created and exhibited at Bygning A in collaboration with A. Petersen. There will also be delicious drinks and you get a free entrance to the opening of PUTPUTs new exhibition the same day 🥳

From the beginning, running a responsible business has been key. Joy came from a career at Mærsk, and into one of the world's dirtiest industries, the cotton industry. The key to running a responsible business in a dirty industry was to focus on organic cotton and certified by the strict GOTS certification, which is the consumer's guarantee that the cotton is not only organic, but that there have been proper working conditions and no use of pesticides and chemicals throughout the whole value chain from field to brand holder.
Say hi to our new Mending Kit and Mending Tool Kit. We are launching these new items as a hands-on solution to repair and reuse. Because we believe in repairing and reusing before buying new. So if you want to get started you can create small visible mendings on your textiles to cover a whole. You can make it as creative as you want from flowers to unicorns.
Challenge single-use with our new Zero Waste Basic Kit. This will save on your trips to the supermarket and it will maybe also make you appreciate your daily things and routines more. When changing to good quality products you buy fewer and it gives another tactile feeling and satisfaction to care for your daily products. By upgrading some everyday products you reduce your foot print on the planet when it comes to resources - so start the challenge today.
When you choose to buy certified organic cotton you get a product that not only are good for you but also for people and planet. We created our popular Big Waffle Series 10 years ago and it has now become one of our proud icons. The latest item in this series is our wellness bathrobe perfect for the one who loves slow mornings or the one who loves to go to the beach.