Guide: Mending & Embroidery


Do you like to be creative and take good care of your favourite textile belongings? 

Then mending can be a fantastic possibility. By mending and repairing your belongings you save resources by prolonging your things lifetime and by avoiding buying a new item to replace it.

Mending can be applied for all your textiles at home from socks, shirts, pants, kitchen textiles, interior textiles and so on.

We are dedicated to help and inspire people to mend and repair more. For some it is not easy to get started and that is why we are hosting Mending Nights on going. But we do not stop there, we have also developed a ‘Mending Kit’ and a ‘Mending Tool Kit’. If you have some needles and some thread at home, you can get started with that. You can also ask family or friends if they have extra that you can try for a start.

There are a lot of exciting and beautiful ways of mending within visible mending. When you do visible mending you’re doing the opposite of hiding your reparation you actually make the mending area an add-on to your item. There is something beautiful in showing how you look out for your things and a part of the modern and conscious wave.

We have selected some inspiration for you to get started 

Advanced embroidery/mending:

Embroidery step by step
Beginner: Embroidery step-by-step

Mending Kit and Mending Tool KitMending Kit and Mending Tool Kit 

Embroidery and personalisation

Embroidery is a fantastic way to express creativity and it can be a good break for the body and mind to be creating something manual and beautiful. 

Embroidery has been around for centuries and it has become popular again. We would like to inspire you to make some personalised embroideries on your items. It can be on some reusable gift wrapping or it can be on your bags or other fun or practical things.

You can use embroidery yarn if you have it or you can start with some thick thread - make it double so it is easy to see.

If you are inspired to personalise your things to make them even more fantastic then check out our inspiration below. 

Curated embroidery inspiration

Basic embroidery techniques:

Embroidery personalisation All Purpose Bag

Personalised embroidery example on a Food Bag

Embroidery techniquesExamples of embroidery techniques. 1. Runningstitches 2. Backstitches 3. Crossstitches 4. Starstitches 5. French knots 

Embroidery personalisation

Tip: Use an embroidery ring to stretch the fabric

We would love to see your creations and encourage you to use #TheOrganicCompany if you post online.

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