Inspired by Japanese simplicity, profound handcraft and unique role models. Our new bag series is launching this January and February. And we are happy to share the story behind the new items and the design inspiration which manifests in our three new color combinations.

Big Shoulder Bag is our new everlasting anti fashion bag. It is perfect when biking and can carry all you need for a weekend trip. Big Shoulder Bag has been tested by our team and friends and was a lot of fun. We are all excited about the launch.

Large Purse, Purse and Pencil Case We have upgraded our small accessories for life made by a team of skillful handicrafts women and men - feel it for yourself. See the new accessories here

Material and Production All of our products are made of GOTS certified organic cotton because we believe this is a far more responsible way of producing cotton compared to conventional. The GOTS certification is your guarantee that our production is 100% organic and free from harsh chemicals – all the way through the supply chain.

Curious? Check out the new bags here

Colors Our three new color variants are each dedicated to a Japanese icon, who individually are a role model in their own way.'The new anti fashion bag series has color themes inspired and named by 3 important Japanese personalities' - Joy Vasiljev

MURAKAMI is Clay / Khaki because he is anti-pretentious and his work is rooted in people and relations. That is of course why this calm and grounded color combo is dedicated to him. 

REI is Black / Blue because her anti fashion clothes often are black and sometimes dark blue. That is of course why this anti fashion color combo is dedicated to her.   

HAYAO is Grey Blue / Stone because his pacifism reminds us about freedom when looking up in the blue sky.

Design inspiration
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