Why and what's the difference between GOTS and B Corp?

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WHY GOTS and B corp? our perspective

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We are business. Not greedy-business-do-not-care-about-the-environment nor charity based business. We are PURPOSE driven business which means that in The Organic Company ETHIC comes BEFORE PROFIT. However not ashamed about making money (the conscious way, ofcourse) as such gives us the ability to hire more GOOD PEOPLE to do good and to spread the much BETTER business model.
When want to MAKE a DIFFERENCE, businesses need to prove it. Because too much greenwashing is happening all the time and everywhere.
Definition from GREENPEACE: Greenwashing is a PR tactic used to make a company or product appear environmentally friendly, without meaningfully reducing its environmental impact.
SO YOU SEE, it's very important for us to prove that we are as good as we say we are. And to show the world (and other businesses) that IT IS possible to bring new things into this world behaving properly.
Our proofs; being C corp and GOTS certified - which includes all our suppliers being GOTS certified too.
✅ GOTS is environmental and social justice in all aspects of the organic cotton production. GOTS are inspection and laboratory testing based.
Our GOTS license number: DK21797
TIP: always look up brands claiming they are GOTS certified. Always.
✅ B corp is an holistic approach to all aspects of doing business. A huge community of businesses stepped out on a path to transform the global economy beneffiting people and planet bit by bit.
See our score and more too here
B Corp
They compliment each other. And are both thrustworthy and heavily proof based.


The GOTS standard applies strictly to (natural) textiles and includes the entire supply chain and all production processes including cultivation. GOTS is specialised, vertical and strict - you have to apply to the entire standard and it's specifications. And it's measurable and have expel consequences if a certified business does not apply. Yearly review.
The B Corp standard is a holistic approach for all kinds of businesses around the world. It covers all aspects of your business - not all tiers though. B Corp is generalised, horisontal and thorough. B Corp is a point based system (average for all the companies being initally assessed is 50 points). Minimum score is 80 points to be B Corp. There are several sustainable areas to work on and to get points from. Most B Corps excelle within one or two areas. Review every 3rd year.
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